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All we need are a set of Architectural 2D drawings, preferably in PDF format. If you have images or ideas of your own they are more than welcome too. Within 3 to 5 Business days we will have a draft of the model ready with images and a standard video for you to take a look for changes if needed. If you like we can arrange a phone call or a zoom meeting where we share your model on screen and we can walkthrough the project in Realtime. You can simply keep in contact through message/email to run through any changes you may want or areas you would like to discuss. We are flexible on changes because that is what our service is about. We always have your model on file and it is a virtual construction so making changes now rather than later will save you large amounts of money and stress. Seeing your dream home virtually and being satisfied now is our aim before you begin one the biggest and most exciting projects you will ever take on. 

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Package Plans!

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Phone number: +353852124744

Address: Wilton, Cork City, Ireland


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