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3D Visualisation: A powerful tool for Architects, Interior Designers, Estate Agents and Developers

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


3D visualisation or 3D modeling has revolutionized the way architects, interior designers, real estate agents and developers can showcase their projects. Before there was little to no way of accurately showing clients what their houses would look like before the project began. With these impressive tools, clients can see everything from the layout, right colour on the walls to how much natural light will come in through their windows during the day and at night. In this blog post we’ll explore how 3D visualisation with a reliable company changes the way people sell their designs and make sure your clients are happy with your work before you get started on a project.

Why you need 3D Visualisation

Without communication through 3D Visualisation, a team would need to meet with the client in person or via phone conversations. This typically takes up a lot of the client's time which will result in savings if they chose to utilize 3d environments. 3d modeling is used by developers to map out their building sites before breaking ground on their project. They use it as a planning device that saves them time and money while also saving the environment from excess dirt-work. Interior designers are also able to communicate with clients more effectively when utilizing 3d visualisations during meetings because they can show clients what their completed projects will look like even though construction has not yet begun and this greatly speeds up an interior designers workflow in order to move onto a new job with peace of mind.

A compelling example of how effective communication can be created between architects, interior designers, real estate agents and clients through using 3d modeling was illustrated when Bruce Mau (architect) was working on his house renovation project. He was challenged with having to get his wife's approval for the changes he wanted to make without her ever seeing any sketches or plans for what he had envisioned.

The benefits of 3D Visualisation

Many professionals find that 3D visualization gives them the ease they need to be more creative and work in a space that not only keeps them from being constantly exhausted, but also gives them relief in staying productive. This way of communication can help you collaborate better with clients or co-workers. It can save you money in terms of redesigns as 3D modeling takes into account the complicated shape of certain objects or spaces; this means less alterations than your client might have wanted. The right 3D environments will allow people to communincate simultaneously on the same design project. A benefit that interior designers are happy about is the time it saves when going over layputs and color schemes and choosing paint colors in the digital world.

The additional information on how this impacts communication between different groups is interesting to know too - while 3D modeling allows multiple people to work on a project at once, it also facilitates communication between teams who don't often communicate otherwise!

Who can you share it with?

As an Architect, Interior Designer, Estate Agent or Developer - you may be used to presenting 2D plans with 2d drawings to clients. 3D visualisation has been around for years but many people are yet to adopt the technology as it is a time-consuming and costly process. Why is this? One major factor is that people still feel more confident about the purchase of an existing property when they can see the space in 3 dimensions; knowing what will fit in there before making a purchase. By presenting your clients with an interactive, video walkthrough or 3d model of the interior spaces at each stage of design (before purchase) your clients will have all their requirements met upfront, leaving no need to ask questions as these are answered before anything even gets off the ground!

How 3D visualisation Saves you money

One of the most compelling benefits of 3D visualization is that it saves you time and money. Most clients are impressed with a 3D render when they come to choose the design concept for their new home. It's always more cost-effective to do an inexpensive 3D render than an expensive house model because some small changes in a design can have huge impacts on your bottom line. Also, time is saved because by designing in 3D you're creating something from scratch as opposed to sitting down with an existing blueprint which could take days or weeks! Lastly, many designers find it less stressful working on designs using 3D visualisations; it's easier to experiment freely without being limited by a single view perspective. A misconception of 3D rendering is that making changes is costly, this is not always the case and can be included depending on what stage of realism the 3D Modelling/Visualisation is at.

Improved Communication through 3D Visualisation

Communication is a crucial aspect of all the previously mentioned industries. Without it there can be miscommunication with your client or contractor which may lead to issues in the final product. One way to eliminate this issue is through 3D visualization. With 3d visualisation today you can use this medium to not only show what the finished product will look like but also where every detail will be located on the structure as well as giving a 3d view of how that portion of the structure might look from various angles by clicking and dragging a cursor. This type of visualisation enables professionals to communicate with clients better because the client is able to see exactly what they are purchasing or being contracted for without having unrealistic expectations or needing costly revisions or changes after construction begins. Peace of mind for Professional and Client makes all the difference!

Why it's better to outsource 3D visualisation with a reliable company

Too often, a project suffers from delays or complications because of poor communication with designers. 3D visualisation helps to eliminate this issue by providing not only excellent visual representations but also detailed textural options. The detail that is captured in the rendering becomes a significant clarity when it comes to communicating design intent and 3d modeling saves time in the event of the client demanding changes later on down the line. With a reliable company offering this service, your project will be managed accurately and with care while saving valuable time and energy on your end.

What types of companies benefit from 3D Visualisation?

Architects, builders, developers and interior designers all benefit from 3D visualisation. 3D visualisation can be used to present a new design in the most realistic way possible. This helps with construction work being done to replicate something in real life without any errors being made which can save a lot of time and money. 3D virtual walkthroughs are also popular for estate agents looking to find out about the price range of a particular house before going ahead with its sale or rent. With modern technology and the creation of these virtual worlds it is in the best interest for companies to use 3D Visualisation in order to keep ahead of their competitors, keep there clients happy with clarity, while using services such as 3D Visualisation to save money.

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